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Daniel K.

“I love Japanese food! Love Yoobi Temaki House is one of my favorite Temaki houses in Milwaukee. Great and savory dishes, friendly crew and vibrant place. There’s nothing you can ask for.”

Amy M.

“A huge plate of Temaki is just right for a family of 10. We really enjoyed our Temaki in Love Yoobi. We highly recommend this place to everyone especially to those who love Japanese food. If you feel that raw fish is not for you, then try their wide arrays of Japanese menu offers. Although it’s a bit pricey but sure worth paying for.”

Ariel K.

“This is what I call perfection! I always keep coming back at Love Yoobi, it’s obviously my favorite Temaki House in Wisconsin. Every time I walk through their door, it feels like I’m in Japan, the vibes, the services, and the taste are the reasons why I always come back.”

Therese C.

“How can you unlove the Love Yoobi Temaki House? There’s no way out! The most interesting and unique Japanese Restaurant across Wisconsin. Fresh and tasty food, attentive and friendly staff with welcoming atmosphere. When you visit Wisconsin, this is a must-see restaurant in our state. I am so glad there is one branch near in my area so I do not need to drive far to satisfy my Japanese food craving.”